Dee Sheehan Ltd

Yinka Shonibare

"Underpinning the artist's work is an engagement with the themes of time: of history and its legacy for future generations, of how we live in the present, and of cycles or patterns that repeat across time despite their often destructive consequences." (Kent, Yinka Shonibare MBE, 2008, p.7.)

Using vibrant Dutch wax cotton and historical references chosen by Yinka, we create these intricate period costumes, each one completely unique and telling its own story. 

Young Ornithologist

Young Horticulturist 2019

Young Explorer

Young Chemist

Physics Girl

High Tea 1

High Tea 2

Young Academician

Girl on Globe 3

Girl on Globe 2012 

Girl on Globe 4

Girls on Globe 

Girl Balancing Knowledge 4

Girl Balancing Knowledge 2

Girl Balancing Knowledge 3

Girl Balancing Knowledge 6

Girl Balancing Knowledge

Girl Balancing Knowledge 5

Air Kid Girl

Bad School Boy

Ballerina with Violin

Ballet God (Apollo)

Ballet God (Zeus)

Ballet God (Poseidon)

Ballerina with Violin 2

Globe Head Ballerina

Revolution Ballerina

Mrs. Pinckney and the emancipated birds of North Carolina 

Little Girl Skipping

Fire Kid

Little Photographer

Mathematics Boy

Revolution Calf Boy 

Revolution Fox Girl

Revolution Fox Boy

Literature Boy

Champagne Kid 3

Champagne Kid 4

Champagne Kid 5

Champagne Kid 7

Champagne Kid 1

Champagne Kid 2

Champagne Kid 6

Champagne Kid 8

Leisure Ladies Greyhounds & Ocelots 

Leisure Ladies Greyhounds & Ocelots 

Leisure Ladies Greyhounds & Ocelots 

Emancipated Woman

Butterfly Kid 5

Cheeky Little Astronomer

Adam and Eve

Miss Utopia

Ladder Kid

Ladder Kid 5

Ladder Kid

Magic Ladder Kid

Murasaki Shooting Cherry Blossom

Flute Girl 2

Flower Girl

Girl with Abacus

Homeless Child 2013

Homeless Child

Homeless Child 3

The Ghost of Eliza Jumel

Planets in my Head

The Last Supper

Faerie 2